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One of the widest choices of saunas of all the wellness hotels in South Tyrol

A paradise for sauna lovers and the pride of our wellness hotel

The word "sauna" comes from the Finnish language and its original meaning was literally "wooden room". The Finnish preference was to build these wooden cabins on the banks of their many lakes, in order to benefit from the cooling effect of the lake water. Our cosy and comfortable sauna area can be found in the basement of our South Tyrolean wellness hotel. Whether it is to prevent against coughs and colds, for physical regeneration or just for relaxation – you will experience an "unlimited sense of wellness". In our sauna area, we invite you to relax to the gentle tones of meditation music and complimentary drinks from our tea and vitality bar await you.

Aroma cave

The warm, moist climate in our aroma cave will gently but thoroughly cleanse skin and respiratory systems. Circulation will be stimulated, muscular strains alleviated, stress reduced, and aches and pains will ease. The effects of the „Caldaria“ (warm baths) were already well-known and in use in Roman times. These combine heightened humidity with mildly radiant heat. Special natural herbal steam (sweetly scented with cinnamon, orange or apple) gives an extra boost to the purifying effects.

Finnish sauna (also outdoor)

The Finnish sauna gives a pleasurable sense of general relaxation with positive effects on the body as well as heightened spiritual wellbeing. This is the most well-known and conventional form of perspiration treatment. The most important characteristic of this type of sauna is the combined effect of the warming and cooling phases.

Finnish rock salt sauna

With 100% natural Himalayan salt building material. This unique sauna experience with backlit red salt causes a wonderful, pleasant and homely atmosphere and is of great importance for the human psyche and health.

Not recommended for cardiovascular problems, thrombosis slopes, extremely low or high blood pressure, in acute infections and rheumatic fever.

Bio sauna

The bio sauna differs from the Finnish sauna in its temperature, here is only around 55 degrees Celsius, and the higher humidity (around 40–45%). For many, this makes it easier to cope with than the Finnish sauna. In this sauna the infusion is fully automatic and is combined with a fine mist of eucalyptus essence (for upper and lower respiratory systems and migraines).

Laconium with Indian rose quartz

After a short time the body will be so thoroughly warmed that the intensive perspiration begins to detoxify the body. Circulation will be improved, the metabolic rate increased and the body’s natural defence systems mobilised. Regular perspiration in a laconium also helps to reduce stress levels. The heart rate is increased and blood pressure regulated. The result is a feeling of fresh and deep spiritual and bodily relaxation.

Steam bath – inhalation bath

The high humidity here creates the perfect climate for extreme relaxation. The respiratory system is cleansed, circulation stimulated, muscular strains alleviated, the skin becomes soft and supple. The ideal time to spend in a steam bath is 10–15 minutes. The room is heated by the steam supply. Spiritual and physical wellbeing is further enhanced by the addition of herbal essences. 

Salt bath/salt cave

In the so-called salt bath one bathes in bathwater enriched with sea salt. The saltwater used in the solar bath has the primary effect of desensitisation to allergens and should improve the blood supply to the skin. This benefits skin and body alike. Important – you should refrain from showering for around 30 minutes following this bath to give the sea salt the best chance to have its healing effect on the skin.

Regular doses of finely atomized sea salt oils can also be emitted into the salt cave (if you turn the dial to the right upon entry. The addition of eucalyptus and mint essential extracts cleanses and soothes the whole breathing apparatus to an even greater degree. A treat for lungs, bronchial tubes and the whole respiratory system.


Even the ancient Romans divided their baths into different zones. One area of the baths was the tepidarium, a so-called regeneration bath. Here the temperature is around 37–39°C and the humidity between 40–60%. Then, as today, the heat was emitted through the tiled walls and the enormous benches constructed from stone or ceramic. Time spend in the tepidarium is both stimulating and relaxing, the temperatures which are very close to body temperature don’t place any undue strain on the circulatory system.

Thermal bed treatment

The thermal beds are ergonomically adapted to the shape of the body. You will feel a combination of comfort and physical regeneration, particularly in the pelvic, back and shoulder areas through the mild warming of the bed’s ceramic surface.

Infra-red therapy

The infra-red radiation, which is consistently in the long-range, transports the warmth deep beneath the skin. After around 20 minutes the skin begins to perspire. Infra-red therapy is a soothing way to deal with muscular aches and pains and joint problems. In combination with a thermal bed treatment this form of relaxation is one of the best for you after a day of physical exertion.

The pools of our wellness hotel in Vinschgau

In our wellness hotel in Vinschgau your can achieve the feeling of weightlessness. Enjoy a comfortable 29 degrees Celsius in the indoor pool. From May to October our heated outdoor pool can give you a boost at 27 degrees Celsius. The gentle pressure of the counter current challenges your muscles and our massage jets activate and strengthen the connective tissues. The gentle patter from the waterfall will fall gently on your body. A separate children’s pool complete with a fun mushroom installation awaits our younger guests. Take some time out in our Kneipp promenade, on the Kneipp-experience path or in the vitality meditation garden: pure wellness. Take in the Vinschgau sun on one of our many sun loungers with cosy loungers or quiet zones of on the sun terrace of our wellness hotel.

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