Charlotte Dietl

Charlotte is a very warm-hearted person. She's the true soul of the hotel, and always on hand for our guests.
She's also a fount of knowledge on the history of the Val Venosta and the world of herbs and wild flowers.  She'll tell you that what you thought was an insignificant plant actually possesses very special healing properties. Charlotte will also advise you about the best hiking trails in and around the Val Venosta : places where you'll find wonderful alpine plants, and much more besides!

Johanna Dietl

Johanna was born into the hotel business, and carries out her work with real enthusiasm, a feeling she also manages to convey to her guests. After completing her studies in Konstanz, on the lake of the same name, she returned to her parents' hotel in Laces, where she's in charge of hospitality and marketing. She brought considerable expertise to the business, with a degree in Health and Tourism Management, and a Master's in Marketing Management.

Hansjörg Dietl

Your host Hansjörg Dietl completely agrees with Goethe: life is too short to waste it drinking bad wine. That's why you'll only taste fine and unusual wines from our cellar. As a great enthusiast and expert on the subject, he has a wealth of specialist knowledge, and will guide you on a journey through the world of wines with lots of excitement along the way! 

Our philosophy:
natural, good and healthy.

This is the Matillhof.

Genuine and friendly hospitality. The pleasure of enjoying nature and all its wonders.

Careful, harmonious design. The result of great care and dedication, without unnecessary frills. However, when it comes to delicious, wholesome cuisine, we are happy to go all the way!

Health and vital energy, from top to toe. Organic, alkaline foods. Whether you choose to rest, to relish the pleasure of a holiday, to take part in physical activities, or just spend time dreaming, you are sure to enjoy an all-round feeling of physical and spiritual well-being.

A favourite place for holidays.
Ours is not an ordinary, anonymous hotel, but a place with great character. A boutique hotel that prioritises the well-being of its guests 24 hours a day, and is able to meet their individual needs. A place where friendships are born. A hotel for those looking for a personal touch, but with all the comforts.

My dream place

My dream place


approx. 30m²
from 139 EUR
per person / overnight

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All rooms & suites

My dream place


approx. 35m² - 45m²
from 145 EUR
per person / overnight

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All rooms & suites

My dream place


approx. 30 - 34m²
from 139 EUR
per person / overnight

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All rooms & suites

My dream place


approx. 41m²
from 168 EUR
per person / overnight

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All rooms & suites

My offers

All offers

Adventure with e-bikes

E-bike days15.05.-20.11.21

4 nights from 549.00 Euro per person

Week for children with one adult

Children accompanied by an adult weeks15.05.-24.07.21

Our treat for you: children's rate for younger guests accompanied by one adult paying the full tariff

Romantic break for two

Time for two

3 nights from 553.00 Euro per person

Wine – wellness - well-being

Wine – wellness - well-being15.05.-21.11.21

4 nights from 601.00 Euro per person


Romantic Package (honeymoon)

5 nights from 655.00 Euro per person

Wellness and pampering

Cuddle days

2 nights from 328.00 Euro per person

Wellness with friends

Wellness with friends

2 nights from 378.00 Euro per person

Start of Summer week... with lots of adventures!

Start of Summer week


7 nights from 882.00 Euro per person

Singles' week

Singles Week



Our treat: no extra charge for double room used as single

Family week

Family week

26.06. - 18.07.21

16.10. - 30.10.21

Our treat for you: free stay for children up to 8 years old (if accompanied by two adults paying the full rate)

Summer weeks: active holidays

Summer and activity week

7 nights from 959.00 Euro per person

3000 week

3000 week



7 nights from 959.00 Euro per person

Matillhofs unbeatable offers 7=6 & 4=3

Matillhofs unbeatable offers

30.04. - 07.05.21

06.11. - 20.11.21


Our treat for you: 1 night for free!